Kingdom Come - Get It on
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    We’ve come a long, long way to be with you.
    It’s not that easy doing what we do.
    There’re all those lonely times and then there’s happiness.
    Now it’s time - We’re gonna do what we do best.
    Get it on!
    Get it on!

    There’ s an electric feeling in the air.
    The night is young and there is love
    to share.
    Don’t you - don’t you feel the storm?
    I feel it raging on and on.
    Get it on!
    Get it on!
    Get it on!
    Oooooooooh! Shake it!

    And now you know what we can do for you.
    Something has come to life between us two.
    The boys are pushing hard and playing all their best.
    Now it’s time to let your body do the rest.
    Get it on!
    Get it on!
    Get it on!

    Get it on!
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