Billy Squier - In the Dark
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  • Life isnt easy from the singular side
    Down in the hole some emotions are hard to hide
    Its your decision its a chance that you take
    Its on your head its a habit thats hard to break
    Do you need a friend would you tell no lies
    Would you take me in are you lonely in the dark...

    You never listen to the voices inside
    They fill your ears as you run to a place to hide
    Youre never sure if the illusion is real
    You pinch yourself but the memries are all you feel
    Can you break away from your alibis
    Can you make a play will you meet me in the dark...

    Dontcha need me...hey, hey
    Dontcha need me...oh yea
    Dontcha leave me...hey, hey
    Dontcha need me...oh yea

    You take no intrest no opinions too dear
    You make the rounds and you try to be so sincere
    You guard your hopes and you pocket your dreams
    Youd trade it all to avoid an unpleasant scene
    Can you face the fire when you see me there
    Can you feel the fire will you love me in the dark...
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