Kim Wilde - Kids in America
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  • Looking out a dirty old window
    Down below the cars in the
    City go rushing by
    I sit here alone
    And I wonder why

    Friday night and everyones moving
    I can fell the heat
    But its shooting
    Heading down
    I search for the beat in this dirty town

    Down town the young ones are going
    Down town the young ones are growing

    Chorus :

    Were the kids in america (x 2)
    Everybody live for the music-go-round

    Br ight lights the music gets faster
    Look boy, dont check on your watch
    Not another glance
    Im not leaving now, honey not a chance

    Hot-shot, give me no problems
    Much later baby youll be saying never mind
    You know life is cruel, life is never kind

    Kind hearts dont make a new story
    Kind hearts dont grab any glory


    Come closer, honey thats better
    Got to get a brand new experience
    Feeling right
    Oh dont try to stop baby
    Hold me tight

    Outside a new day is dawning
    Outside sububias sprawling everywhere
    I dont want to go baby
    New york to east california
    Theres a new wave coming I warn you


    Were the kids
    Were the kids
    Were the kids in america
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