Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe
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  • Lunatic fringe
    I know you're out there
    You're in hiding
    And you hold your meetings
    We can hear you coming
    We know what you're after
    We're wise to you this time
    We won't let you kill the laughter.

    Lunatic fringe
    In the twilight's last gleaming
    This is open season
    But you won't get too far
    We know you've got to blame someone
    For your own confusion
    But we're on guard this time
    Against your final solution

    We can hear you coming
    (We can hear you coming)
    No you're not going to win this time
    We can hear the footsteps
    (We can hear the footsteps)
    Way out along the walkway
    Lunatic fringe
    We know you're out there
    But in these new dark ages
    There will still be light

    An eye for an eye;
    Well before you go under...
    Can you feel the resistance?
    Can you feel the thunder?
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