Van Halen - Pretty Woman
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    Pretty woman, walking down the street,pretty woman, the kind Id like to meet,
    Pretty woman, I dont believe you it must be true,
    No one could look as good as you
    Pretty woman wont you pardon me,pretty woman I couldnt help but see,
    Pretty woman, oh you look lovely as you could be,
    Are you lonely just lik me
    Pret ty woman stop a while,pretty woman talk a while,
    Pretty woman give your smile to me
    Pretty woman yeah yeah yeah,pretty woman look my way,
    Pretty woman say youll stay with me,
    Cause I need you,need you tonight
    Pretty woman dont walk on by,pretty woman dont make me cry,
    Pretty woman dont walk away, yeah, ok
    If thats the way it must be, ok
    I guess ill go home,its late,maybe tomorrow night...
    But wait.. what do I see..
    Shes walking back to me
    Pret ty woman.

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