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  • Well did I tell you before
    When l was up
    Anxiety was bringing me down
    l'm tired of listening to you
    Talking in rhymes
    Twisting round to think
    You're straight down the line

    All you do to me is talk talk

    If every sign that l see is to complete
    Then l'm a fool in your game
    And all you want to do
    Is tell me your lies
    Won't you show the other side
    You're just wasting my time

    All you do to me is talk talk

    When every choice that l make is yours
    Keep telling me what's right and what's wrong
    Don't you ever stop to think about me
    l'm not that blind to see
    That you've been cheating on me

    You're laughing at me when I'm up
    Crying for me when I'm down
    Laughing for me when l'm up
    Crying for me
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