Til Tuesday - Voices Carry
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  • I'm in the dark, I'd like to read his mind
    but I'm frightened of the things I might find
    Oh, there must be something he's thinking of
    to tear him away
    when I tell him that I'm falling in love
    why does he say
    hush hush
    keep it down now
    voices carry
    I try so hard not to get upset
    because I know all the trouble I'll get
    oh, he tells me tears are something to hide
    and something to fear
    and I try so hard to keep it inside
    so no one can hear
    hush hush
    keep it down now
    voices carry
    He wants me
    but only part of the time
    He wants me
    if he can keep me in line
    hush hush
    keep it down now
    voices carry
    hush hush, darling, she might overhear
    oh, no-voices carry
    he said shut up he said shut up
    oh God can't you keep it down
    voices carry
    I wish he would let me talk
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