Run DMC - Rock Box
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  • [Run]
    Run.. (Run..) D.. (D) M.. (M) C.. (C)
    Rock.. (rock.. rock..)
    For you! (for you.. for you..)
    Fresh (fresh.. fresh..)

    [guitar solo]

    For all you sucker MC's perpetratin a FRAUD
    Your rhymes are cold wack and keep the crowd cold lost
    You're the kind of guy that girl ignored
    I'm drivin Caddy, you fixin a FORD
    My name is Joseph Simmons but my middle name's Lord
    and when I'm rockin on the mic, you should all applaud
    Because we're (wheelin, dealin, we got a funny feelin)
    We rock from the floor up the ceilin
    We groove it (you move it) it has been proven
    We calmed the seven seas because our music is SOOTHIN
    We create it (relate it) and often demonstrate it
    We'll diss a sucker MC make the other suckers hate it
    We're rising (suprising) and often hypnotizing
    We always tell the truth and then we never slip no lies in
    No curls (no braids) peasy-head and still get paid
    Jam Master cut the record up and down and cross-fade

    [guita r solo]

    Beca use the rhymes I say, sharp as a nail
    Witty as can be and not for sale
    Always funky fresh, could NEVER be stale

    T ook a test to become an MC and didn't fail
    I couldn't wait to demonstrate
    all the super def rhymes that I create
    I'm a wizard of a word, that's what you heard
    And anything else is quite absurd
    I'm the master of a mic, that's what I say
    And if I didn't say that, you'd say it anyway

    Bus t into the party, come in the place
    See the first things come, the music in your face
    Tears down the walls, some of the floor
    with the DJ named Jay with the cuts galore

    So listen to this because it can't be missed
    and you can't leave til you're dismissed
    You can do anything that you want to
    but you can't leave until we're through
    So relax your BODY and your mind
    and listen to us say this rhyme - HEY
    You might think that you have WAITED
    long enough til the rhyme was STATED
    But if it were a test it would be GRADED
    with a grade that's not DEBATED
    Nothing too deep and nothing dense
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