Split Enz - One Step Ahead
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  • NTRO: (bass line only: no chords)
    G F# D C# C G C C#

    VERSE 1:
    Em/G D/F# Bm/D Em/C#
    One step ahead of you
    C G C Em/C#
    Stay in motion, keep an open mind
    Em/G D/F# Bm/D Em/C#
    Love is a race run by two
    C G C Em/C#
    Your emotion, my solitude
    A Dm/A A
    If I stop I could lose my head
    G C A
    So I'm losing you instead
    Dm/A Dm
    Either way I'm confused
    C Asus2
    You slow me down - what can I do?
    Dm C Em/G A
    There's one particular way I have to choose

    VERSE 2:
    One step ahead of you
    Always someone makes it hard to move
    She says: "Boy, I want you to stay"
    But I save it all for another day
    If I stop I could lose my head
    But I'm ready for romance
    Either way I'm confused
    I don't know what I'm s'posed to do
    I can only stay one step ahead of you

    VERSE 3:
    La da-de-da-dah (etc)
    Stop! I confess sometimes
    I don't know where I'm going
    Part of me stays with you
    I'm slowing down, what can I do?
    It's hard to stay one step ahead of you

    VERSE 4:
    One step ahead of you
    Time is running out, catching up with you
    One step ahead of you
    When I hold you close can I really lose?
    One step ahead, only one step ahead
    She's one step ahead of you...
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