Squeeze - Black Coffee in Bed
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  • D Bm G D

    There's a stain on my notebook where your coffee cup was

    D Bm G D

    And there's ash in the pages, now I've got myself lost

    D Bm G D

    I was writing to tell you that my feelings tonight

    D Bm G D

    Are a stain on my notebook that rings your goodbye . . .

    Bm F#

    Now she's gone, and I'm back on the beat

    C#m A

    A stain on my notebook says nothing to me

    D G A

    Now she's gone and I'm out with a friend (out with a friend)

    G D

    With lips full of passion and coffee in bed

    D Bm G D

    With the way that you left me I could hardly contain

    D Bm G D

    The hurt and the anger and the joy of the pain

    D Bm G D

    Now knowing I am single there'll be fire in my eyes

    D Bm G D

    And a stain on my notebook for a new love tonight

    [ refrain]

    [sol o] -- chords during solo: Eb A G A, ending on D.

    Solo notes -- (I apologize ahead of time for missed nuances and for my

    own computer limitations for showing the fingering and places on the

    fretboard to play the solo ...) (xy)=a pull-off [xy]=hammer-on

    A B D E F# A A B D (F# E) D Eb (Eb chord)

    [F G] Bb (F# G) F# Eb G F Eb (D Eb D C) Bb A (A chord)

    G A Bb C F Eb Eb F (C D) F (C D) C# C Bb A F F# G (G chord)

    A B C# D E F# G A B (B C#) E B A G A (A chord)

    (A B) A G F# D A G F# A B D. (D chord)

    D G A

    Now she's gone and I'm out with a friend (out with...
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