Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died in your Arms
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  • Intro
    ( Mixed string sounds )

    |:Bm | Esus Em |A(9) A |F#m |
    |Bm7 A |Bm7 A |Bm7 A |Bm7 A |


    I keep looking for someone / thing I can't get
    Broken hearts lie / all around me and I ~
    A F#sus
    don't see an easy / way to get out / of this / her /
    Bm Gmaj7
    diary it sis on the bed / side table The / curtains are closed the /
    Gmaj7 A
    Cat's in the cradle Who / would 've though that a boy /like me could
    come to this / Oh /


    Bm Em A
    (I) I just died / in your arms tonight/ It/
    F#m Bm
    must've been something to say / I just died /
    Em A
    /in your arms tonight / /
    Bm Em
    /Oh ------- cause / (I) I just died in your arms tonight/
    A F#m Bm
    / It/ must've been some kind of kiss / I /
    F#m Gmaj7 Bm
    should've walked away / = Guitar solo / guitar solo /
    / guitar solo / guitar solo / / /
    I should've walked away

    Then verse 2.

    Is there any just cause / for feeling like this?
    On the surface / I'm a name on a list
    I try to be discreet, then blow it again
    I've lost and found, it's my final mistake ,
    She's loving by prozy, no give and all take,
    'Cause I've been thrilled to fantasy one too many times

    Chrous ( *1 )


    G G
    / It was a / long hot night ,
    She made it easy She /make it feel right
    But now it's over the / moment has gone I
    F# Bm F#
    follwed my hands-- not my head;/ -- I know I was wrong
    |:Bm / Em /A /F#m :|F#m then chrous *2 times

    fading ------
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