Devo - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
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  • I can't get no satisfactionI can't get me no satisfactionAnd I try and I try and I try t-t-t-t-try tryI can't get no I can't get me noWhen I'm riding in my carAnd a man comes on the radioHe's tellin' me more and moreAbout some useless informationSupposed to fire my imaginationI can't get no uh no no noHey hey hey that's what I sayI can't get no satisfactionI can't get me no girly actionWhen I'm watchin' my tvAnd a man comes on to tell meHow white my shirts could meBut he can't be a man 'cause he does not smokeThe same cigarettes as meAnd when I'm flying around the worldAnd I'm doin' this and I'm tryin' do thatAnd I'm trying to make some girlTells me baby better come back later next weekCan't you see I'm on a losing streak
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