Alexander ONeil - Innocent
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  • Alexander ONeil - Innocent

    Young and tender
    I think you're the girl for me
    Not used up, you're still tight
    We should hit it off

    And she said you're too fast
    It won't last
    You can call me
    You're just what I'm looking for
    A girl that's not so fast she can't slow down
    Without too much experience
    You fit the bill 'cause you're so innocent

    Innocent, I'm looking for a girl who's
    Innocent girl, innocent

    Got a lotta love
    Got a lotta love for you
    Just say it's alright
    And I will give it all to you, oh

    Should I go
    Lose control
    Or should I stay

    Yo u don't have to be so cautious
    Every time I ask, you turn me down
    All I want to do is love you
    It can't be all bad, I just want someone who's innocent

    Innoce nt, innocent
    Innocent, looking for a girl who's
    Innocent, so, so, so, so
    Innocent, oh

    Innocent, baby, baby, baby
    Innocent, that's what you are
    Innocent, so, so, so, so
    Innocent, I want you for my lady

    Innocent, oh girl
    Innocent, baby, you are
    Innoc ent, baby, baby, yeah

    In nocent
    In nocent girl for me, for me, girl

    Innocent girl
    Inno cent girl

    In nocent, oh yeah
    Innocent, yeah
    Inno cent girl

    Innocent, that's the kind of girl for me
    Innocent, I'm looking for a girl who's
    Innocent, you're sure to lose your
    Innocent girl, oh girl, why don't you slap me?

    Inn ocent

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