Police - Invisible Sun
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  • Eb Cm9

    Eb Cm9
    I don't wanna spend ...

    Eb Cm9
    Looking at the barrel...

    Eb Cm9
    I don't wanna spend ...

    Eb Cm9
    keeping out of trouble ...

    Verse 2

    Eb Cm9
    I dont wanna spend ...

    Eb Cm9
    looking at the walls ...

    Eb Cm9
    I don't ever ...

    Bb9 A9 Ab9
    of a statistic on a ...


    There has to be ...

    Verse 3:

    It's dark all day and it glows all...


    Instrumental: D Bm9 repeat

    Verse 4:

    And they're only gonna change ....


    Ch ords:
    a dash means a fret and an X means "finger here"
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