Special Ed - I'm The Magnificent
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  • I am the magnificent!
    I'm the magnificent with the sensational style
    And I can go on and on for like a mile a minute
    I get in it like a car and drive
    And if the record is smash I can still survive
    'Cause I'm the man of steel on the wheel that you're steerin'
    Or rather playin' on the record that you're hearin'
    You might not understand what I'm saying at first
    So Action Love put it in reverse

    I'm just conversin' with you, person
    This is just a conversation
    I'm Special Ed, with the special presentation, hey
    I like to play, so for me it's recreaton
    It's not just a job, it's an adventure
    If worse comes to worse, I've got your thirst quencher
    But ya gotta buy it, dont' even try it
    I don't rhyme for free, no matter how dry it gets
    I collect my money in sets
    One before the show and again when I jet
    So I get mine, and I'm a get more
    'Cause I'm financially secure and I'm sure
    So i don't need your tips or advice
    'cause I'm too nice for that, you rat
    I can't stand mice, I'm like a cat, kinda frisky
    Battling is risky business
    You might acquire dizziness, just like whisky
    Isn't this enough?
    Oh, you think you're tough, cookie
    I think you better call your bookie
    'Cause you can bet your life, I'm gonna play you like hooky
    On a Friday, this is my day
    When I was through, I heard you say, "Why they dis me like that?"
    I shoulda repent
    Somebody shoulda said that Special Ed was the magnificent

    I am the magnificent
    I'm the magnificent, dynamite, super dope, outta sight
    Special Ed with my trusty pal
    Action Love, the run we shall
    Continue to win, yet this is not a game
    But I'm 'a play you if say you claim to be better
    I hate rumors and I give tumors
    And our jammies get Grammys
    Yet I'm not an actor, it's just a factor that we're famous
    Don't blame us for nothin'
    Action Love is cuttin', I'm on the rhyme
    Skin your teeth and it's your beef that I'll grind
    Like a butcher, I'll put you on a table
    And let my D.J. cut ya
    But you're such a little sucker
    I might not even touch ya
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