Special Ed-Think About It
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  • [ VERSE 1 ]
    Sometime I wanna rhyme, but then again I must wait
    For the approaching of a toy to introduce him to his fate
    Death, I always try to figure out why
    Sucker MC's wanna battle me when they know they will die
    In the end, so why pretend you're livin trifle
    I'ma rope you up like a cowboy, stifle
    Your throat with my microphone cord, cause I'm the lord
    Of the rhyme, some people say that they can never get bored
    Cause I'm exciting, pleasurable listening
    I'm only tryin to show you what your records keep on missing, and
    I'm only tryin to help our your crew, and
    I know I must forgive ya, cause you don't know what you're doin
    So sucker MC's, please think twice
    Would you join the navy if you didn't like the gravy and rice?
    Think about it

    (Think about it)

    [ VERSE 2 ]
    Think about that, then think about this
    If I tried to hit you, do you think that I would miss?
    Well, I'm fast, I only hit the center, mass and head
    I'm Special Ed, funkadelic relic of the ages
    If you like this, then I got pages and pages
    Some dumb bubbleyum bubblegum chewin
    Chumps be screwin
    I the fly, I wonder why
    What's the reason for the treason, huh, you wanna die?
    I'm high-post, higher than most
    Not from France, but I eat french toast
    I'm international, I make the cash in all ways
    Got dollars in my pocket, cause man, it pays
    To be smart, I turn my art into an empire
    Cause I grow and grow, so you know I never tire
    Got the status and the clout, no doubt
    Of all time, I got the rhyme to take you out
    Cause my rap is like a trap that you fall into
    I'm Special Ed, now who the hell are you?
    You're unknown, don't even own a microphone
    You can't rap, you make me wanna cap a stone
    In your eye, why do you persist to make noise
    When ever since I was a kid I never did like toys
    I get furious, leavin MC's curious
    In a daze, my hits do faze
    I recommend you listen to the phrase that pays
    Don't jest, you won't succeed
    I make you bleed till you need a transfusion
    This is no illusion
    I know you're gettin...
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