LL Cool J - Jingling Baby
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  • "Jingling Baby"

    [Chorus: LL Cool J and girl (repeat 4X)]

    (They're jinglin, baby) Go 'head, baby

    [LL Cool J]
    They call me Uncle L, Future of the Funk
    Records I recorded minus all the junk
    People spread gossip and believe what they must
    while I slam dunk {fags} and make em bite the dust
    A minute is needed to make a phony roni bleed
    and put him in a bucket like it's chicken feed
    Check out the - pick of the litter, not a quitter, I'm nice y'all
    and I'ma dust you off and dust you off twice
    You never heard this so observant all hysterical fan-
    -natics of the Asiatic miracle man
    Prominent, dominant, McCoy and I'm Real
    If you're another brother's fan? Forget how you feel
    cause he's so-so, I got the instinct
    They call me Deputy Dog, now put your {ass} in the clink
    Innovating, devestating, and dope on the single now
    let me see your earrings jingle


    [LL Cool J]
    I chopped you, chewed you, baked you and {fucked} you
    That {shit} you pop, you need to stop, you're kind of rude you
    no good {niggaboo} tryin to base
    How we livin Holmes? Get out my face!
    I'm complete, in effect, and I can't fall
    I rise, suprise, and I advise you all
    to stand back and peep, don't sleep or doubt
    My skill'll get ill, I turn the mother out
    I'm top-notch, you're still playin hop-scotch
    Now I'ma do ya while the party people watch
    You're real funny, you really try to go for yours
    But I know why: you ain't had no dough before
    So you tried and lied to drain my fame
    This ain't a game, yo, you know my name
    Forget all the MC's who like to mingle
    Yo baby, let me see your earrings jingle


    [LL Cool J]
    When you first walked in, I ain't know what to think
    You grabbed the microphone like your {shit} don't stink
    And tried to run down that; I can't get over that
    {bullshit} you were sayin - you call that a battle rap?
    How you gonna go against an army with a handgun?
    I'm Cool J, yo you don't understand, son
    I'm a legend, on top of that I'm livin
    Now you look stupid like that {bi...
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