Autograph - Turn Up the Radio
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  • I'm working hard, you're working too
    We do it every day
    For every minute I have to work
    I need a minute of play
    Day in, day out, all week long
    Things go better with rock
    The only time I turn it down
    Is when I'm sleepin it off

    Tur n up the radio
    I need the music, gimmie some more
    Turn up the radio
    I wanna feel it, got to gimmie some more

    Now listen
    I wanna shake, I wanna dance
    So count it of,f a one two three
    I feel the beat, I'm in a trance
    No better place to be
    Daytime nightime, anytime
    Things go better with rock
    I'm goin twenty four hours a day
    I can't seem to stop


    I wanna feel it, got to gimmie some more

    (CHORUS) to end
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