Madonna - Into the Groove
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  • And you can dance
    For inspiration
    Come on
    Im waiting


    Get into the groove
    Boy youve got to prove
    Your love to me, yeah
    Get up on your feet, yeah
    Step to the beat
    Boy what will it be

    Music can be such a revelation
    Dancing around you feel the sweet sensation
    We might be lovers if the rhythms right
    I hope this feeling never ends tonight


    Only when Im dancing can I feel this free
    At night I lock the doors, where no one else can see
    Im tired of dancing here all by myself
    Tonight I wanna dance with someone else


    Gonna get to know you in a special way
    This doesnt happen to me every day
    Dont try to hide it love wears no disguise
    I see the fire burning in your eyes

    (c horus)

    Intermedia te:

    Live out your fantasy here with me
    Just let the music set you free
    Touch my body, and move in time
    Now I now youre mine

    Youve got to

    (chorus lyrics)
    ( intermediate)

    Now I know youre mine, now I know youre mine
    Now I know youre mine, now I know youre mine
    Youve got to

    (cho rus lyrics)
    (repeat and fade)

    Music video for "Into the Groove" by Madonna. From the 1985 movie "Desperately Seeking Susan" starring Rosanna Arquette and Madonna. Th...
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