Nena - 99luft Balons
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  • You and I in a little toy shop
    Buy a bag of balloons
    With the money we've got
    Set them free at the break of dawn
    Till one by one they were gone
    Back at base, bugs in the software
    Flash the message "Something's out there"
    Floating in the summer sky
    99 red balloons go by

    99 red balloons floating in the summer sky
    Panicked birds, it's red alert
    There's something there from somewhere else
    The war machine springs to life
    Opens up one eager eye
    Focuses it on the sky
    99 red balloons go by

    99 decisions treaty, 99 ministers meets
    To worry-worry, super scurry
    Call the troops out in a hurry
    This is what we've waited for
    This is it boys, this is war
    The president is on the line
    As 99 red balloons go by

    99 knights of the air ride
    Super hi-tech jet fighters
    Everyone's a super hero
    Everyone's a captain kirk
    With orders to identify
    To clarify and classify
    Scramble in the summer sky
    99 red balloons go by

    99 dreams I have had
    And every one a red balloon
    It's all over and I'm standing pretty
    In this dust that was a city
    I could find a souvenier
    Just to prove the world was here
    And here is a red balloon
    I think of you and let it go...
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