Twin Hype - For Those Who Like To Groove (1989)
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  • Twin hype is back!
    Bust a move
    Doin' it for those who like to groove
    We came here
    To make y'all hype tonight (how hype?)
    Real hype!
    So step
    And we'll make sweat
    Make you wet (yea bet)
    I just love this house track, In Fact
    It's the hollywood impact jack!
    89' is the year
    House music is in your ear
    Homegirls lookin' pretty
    From all around the city
    Homeboys are you in store
    Their doin the wild thing on the dance floor
    You know i'm gonna grab a girl
    Homeboys do the same
    Freak that ass
    No time for shame
    if you wanna know the name

    For those who like to groove
    For those who like to groove

    (King shameek scatching)

    Do it back to back
    Spin around
    Hands clap
    Face to face
    Feel the bass
    Drop your hands
    Below the waste
    Catch the tempo
    Shake and slide
    Let the music be your guide
    House this house make some noise
    Girls go on and freak them boys
    Jump, jump
    Touch the ceiling
    Twin hype got you in that feelin'
    Hot is hot can get
    Drippin ' and keepin' ya wet
    Twin hype has gotcha in check
    So dance
    Till it time to jet
    Shake ya butt and bounce those cups
    Let them fellows know what's up
    King Shameek and twin hype is on the move

    For those who like to groove
    For those who like to groove

    Yo shameek hype
    This crowd and do it loud

    Yo! shameek you got me so hype
    I wanna play out this house beat
    Hey yo slick
    Can i playoff this house beat?

    Let's let's let's listen

    Pass the mic I'm smooth and cool
    I'm doin work
    The mic's my only tool
    And i love this
    Self conduct to this
    You bust this (Sorry)
    No justice
    Notice how i came correct
    You came soft
    So if your half steppin' step fast
    Step off !!
    I got a task to complete
    You ask me to compete
    So king shameek just pass the beat
    And i catch it and take it for a touchdown
    I'm comin' correct i'm comin' in effect clown
    Taking over the stage
    So get the heck off
    Snatch you by your rope chain
    And rip your neck off
    Move aside clear the aisles and step back
    And make room for the leader of the pack
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