3XD (Three Times Dope) - Funky Dividends
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  • [ES:]Michelle, why you gotta tell Mickey everything about us?
    [Michelle:] Cause I needed somebody to talk to.
    [ES:] But you're trying to make it seem like I started it all.
    [Michelle:] I just told her the story the way it went.
    [ES:] Michelle.
    [Michelle ):] What?
    [ES:] Look. Since you seem to be forgetting, I'm a tell you the story
    from the beginning. Aiight?
    [Michelle:] Umm hmmm.

    Cruising down the Ave with my homeboy Boove
    Laying back like jack, mellowing to the groove.
    The "Greatest Man Alive" was cold rocking my world.
    Then I rocked a little harder when I saw this fresh, fly girl.
    A hold up. I can't go out like a nut.
    I had to conjure out a cool way to strut.
    They call me E.S., the overlord of fresh.
    I saw you in the dress, and I just had to impress.
    My compliment, came through in a clutch
    She started to blush. Then I knew what was up.
    Called her next morning. Said, "What'll it be?
    Dinner and a movie or just chillin' with me?"
    She said, "Me." So I went and got the slimy.
    But as soon as I opened the door she said, "Gimme!"
    It was like I was a bone, and she was fetching.
    She gobbled, cold swallowed my one's like Greedy Gretchin.
    Then after a couple of weeks of good loving my friends,
    She did the dummy move, and started asking for my dividends.

    [Choru s]
    [DJ Wood scratches:] Rah rah, rah rah rah

    Com e around the corner looking funki fresh.
    This new jack babe started popin' a mess.
    Steady trip, cause I didn't call her last night.
    I kindly pulled her to the side n' said, "Yo, take a hike.
    Cause I don't need it girl. Too many problems in this world.
    So go on ahead with your jheri curl.
    She wanted Jefferson's and Lincoln's.
    I said, "No way! Yo Slim, what do you think this is? President's Day?
    People start buggin' over things like that honey.
    You know the time! So don't act funny with my money.
    I refuse to abuse my savings and loans.
    So if you want some ends baby, you best go with your own.
    Now I said it once before, and I'm a say it again: Best b...
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