Newcleus - Jam On It
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  • Yeah
    Jam on it
    (Yeah, yeah, we know, we know)
    (Yeah, Goggles, you gonna rock it, right)
    (You gonna do it down, right)
    Ha-ha-ha-ha, yeah
    (Hey, Cozmo, what's the name of this again)
    (I forgot)
    Jam on it
    (Oh, Chilly B, get down, ho)
    (Oh, oh, here comes Cozmo)
    (We get to say wikki-wikki-wikki again)

    Wikki-wikk i-wikki-wikki
    (Shut up)
    Wikki-wikki-wik ki-wikki

    Three words to the whack, step yourself back
    Just gettin' down, and you then you're givin' no slack
    Like a Burger King with a sack of Big Macs
    We're throwin' down with the radical sacks
    On time, in your mind you see
    You gotta boogie to your best ability
    You gotta funk it up until it knocks you down
    And when you're funkin' up, be sure to pass it around
    Come on, let's go to work
    We got what'll make your body jerk
    Make you throw your hands up in the air
    Shake your booty and scream, "Oh, yeah"
    ‘Cause we are the Jam On Crew
    And jammin' on it is how we do the do
    We'll funk you up until you boogie down
    So come people check out the sound
    Check out the sound, check out the sound, check out the sound, check out the sound
    Check out the sound, check out the sound, check out the sound, check out the sound
    Check out the sound

    (Jam on it)

    There's going to sound
    They're going to get down

    (Jam on it)

    Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Chilly B
    And I'm a surefire, full blooded bonafide house rockin' Jam-On Production MC
    If you want the best, put me to the test, and I'm sure you'll soon agree
    That I got no force ‘cause I'm down by law when it comes to rockin' viciously, you see
    ‘Cause when I was a little baby boy my mama gave me a brand new toy
    Two turn tables with a mic, and I learned to rock like Dolymite
    Time went by, on this God creation, I knew someday I would rock the nation
    So I made up my mind just what to do and I joined with the Jam On Production Crew
    So go crazy, go crazy, don't let your body be lazy
    I said don't stop the body rock till your eyesight starts to get...
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