Antoinette - Who's The Boss
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  • Intro:

    Day time
    Night time
    Any time's the right time
    Who's the boss ofcourse antoinette's rhyme...

    Verse one:

    Now here we go hug your stereo
    It might pump or jump around
    Bum rush the sound beat it down run it in the ground
    The bigger they are the harder they fall oh well they fell
    Their records couldn't sell even if you gave 'em away free
    Ah,honey you're just a wanna be
    Rap star
    And now you're trying o front on me
    But kids who play will suffer when the beat is on
    And the going gets tougher when the heat is on
    I go off and i be keeping it kept on/make like a rash break out or get stepped on
    Step child you're just a son in this
    And antoinette is like running this
    Yeah dance go ahead do that
    Instead pick up your head 'cause i flew that
    Antoinette taking no loss wearing no shorts but telling you who's the boss...

    Verse two:

    If you were brave because you escaped or get hit wit'
    You little nit wit
    You better get wit' antoinette on set 'cause i'm fed up
    I'm going head up/now get up
    Ducks who get stuck in
    Grab your cup and i'ma fill it to the brim
    So take a sip don't bite
    Your lip don't take bites out or it's gonna be m.c.'s lights out
    The young the old the bold they all like be looking because i'm hooking but i ain't a hooker
    So save that for t.j.
    That he say and she say ain't no threat
    I'm knocking out gangs with no stress
    So who's the boss?it ain't a weak chick
    So let me launch a rhyme and let the beat kick...

    Verse three:

    Lace up so you could face up and hit the line up
    Play me wrong and yes you might wind up dead on arrival
    Because this is survival of the fittest
    So do your push ups and get wit' it
    Before i go off without that
    No question about that ('they're closing in')yo-i doubt that
    Face to face rhyme for rhyme
    Fist to fist sweet dreams when rings hit lips so
    Slow down i won't go down in a throw down
    Yup she's out now that's another hoe down
    You should be knowing this
    You can't flow with this
    The best the gangstress-the def soloist/i ...
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