Kool Moe Dee - I Go to Work
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  • I go to work
    Like a doctor
    When I rock the mic
    You got to like
    The way I operate
    I make miracles happen
    Just from rappin'
    I'm so lyrically potent
    And I'm flowin'
    And explodin'
    On the scene mean
    I got the potential
    To make you go
    Then chill
    I got the credentials
    That is of which I chose
    To make a rhyme
    And chill
    Then you know
    I will fulfill
    To make a couple of mill
    As I build a guild
    For all the rappers and skills
    And kill the weak rappers and no thrills
    Hang 'em an ephigy
    If he's a sucker
    Hang 'em to the left of me
    Cause my right hand man
    Is my mic stand and
    The microphone that I own
    And my game plan
    Is keeping at a steady pace
    Ain't no need for a rush
    It ain't no race
    I'ma hit the top
    Just when I wanna
    And it's a matter of time
    And I'm gonna
    Cause I know when to
    Go 'head enter
    The classic Moe Dee rap
    That sent ya
    Runnin' around
    Holdin' ya head
    Askin' ya homeboy
    Yo man
    You hear what he said
    Another funky rhythm
    Look at ya man
    And give him a high five
    Cause I'm live
    Runnin' around with him
    Telling everybody
    Hanging out on the block
    It's time to wake up
    And check the clock
    Punch it
    I go to work
    I go to work
    I go to work
    Like an architect
    I build a rhyme some times it climbs so erect
    Skyscrapers look like atoms
    Cars electrons rollin' in patterns
    Writing out word after word
    With each letter it becomes visably better
    Cause my foundation built a nation of rappers
    And after I came off vaction
    I came to roam
    The land I own
    And stand alone on the microphone
    Daddy's home
    Open the door playtime is over
    Time to go to work and show the
    Suckers in the place who run their face
    The base and a taste of who's the ace
    Start the race
    I'm coming in first
    With each verse
    I build a curse
    So rappers can't capture Moe Dee's rapture
    After I got ya
    I have to slap ya
    Senseless with
    Endless rhymes don't pretned this
    Is anything short of stupendous
    And when this rhyme is done
    Your mind will become
    So trapped in the rap
    You'll lust on anothe...
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