UTFO - Roxanne Roxanne (1984)
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    Yeah, what's up man?
    Ther e goes that girl they call Roxanne. She's all stuck up
    Why you say that?
    Cau se she wouldn't give a guy like me no rap
    She was walking down the street so I said 'Hello
    I'm Kangol from UTFO.' And she said 'So?'
    And I said 'So?!? Baby don't you know?
    I can sing, rap, and dance in just one show
    Cause I'm Kangol, Mr. Sophisticata
    As far as I'm concerned ain't nobody greater
    From beginning to end and, to beginning
    I never lose because I'm all about winning
    But if I were to lose, I wouldn't be upset
    Cause I'm not a gambler, I don't bet
    I don't be in no casino, and baby while you knizzow
    The izzi is the grizzeat Kizzangizzo.'
    I thought she'd be impress by my devious rap
    I thought I had her caught cause I'm a sinister trap
    I thought it'd be a piece of cake but it was nothing like that
    I guess that's what I get for thinking, ain't that right, black?
    Then crizzi to gizzone and seen number izzone
    Crizzin ricking tizza of mizzac mic dizza
    With the bang bang, brother I feel bad
    But I ain't comitting suicide for no crab
    But calling her a crab is just a figure of speech
    Cause she's an apple, a pear, a plum, and a peach
    I thought I had it in the palm of my hand
    But man oh man, if I was grand I'd bang Roxanne
    Ro xanne, Roxanne, can't you understand?
    Roxanne , Roxanne, I wanna be your man
    You Kango, I don't think that you're dense
    Buy you went about the matter with no experience
    You should know, she doesn't need a guy like you
    She needs a guy like me, with a high IQ
    And she'll take to my rap, cause my rap's the best
    The educated rapper MD will never fess
    So when I met her, I wasted no time
    But stuck up Roxanne paid me no mind
    She thought my name was Barry, I told her it was Gary
    She said she didn't like it so she chose to call me Barry
    She said she'd love to marry, my baby she would carry
    And if she had a baby, she'd name the baby Harry
    Her mother's name is Baby, which is really quite contr...
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