UTFO - The Real Roxanne
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  • Yo kangol
    (yeah whats up girl)
    i'm the real roxanne and i'll rock your world
    (but you're all stuck up)
    well you say that
    cause i wouldn't give a guy like you no rap?

    i was walking down the street in the afternoon
    i gave you a smile so you assume
    that if you said hello i would be flattered
    but i kept on walking and your ego was shattered

    i'm roxanne, the lady devastator
    i'll make you feel hotter than it is in grenada
    the r-o-x-a-n-n-e
    roxan ne is who i be

    and kangol kid ya might be cute
    but you aint gettin this cause your much too ..?
    you wear that samurai sword on the side
    i told all my friends and we all just died
    i laughed so hard that my face turned blue
    why be a M.C. you should learn how to ...?

    and by the way if i'm such a crab
    why all your girls look like scabs
    first you call me a peach
    the doctor wants to take me to the beach
    i got a little rhyme for ya each
    i've seen your girls they both need a leash
    such bow wow babies i think they got rabies
    you think you're touching me boy you must be crazy
    you got your nerve to wanna be my man
    they call me the real roxanne


    now educated rapper i'm gonna give you a fit
    cause when you tried to talk to me you was full of shit
    you see the truth and the fact is that i don't need you
    your i.q. is really one point two

    i dont like your rap cause your rap is dead
    educated rapper no sense in your head
    so when you met me i paid you no mind
    dictionary breath you're one of a kind
    you said your name was gary
    didn't choose to call you barry
    didn't care if your name was mother madda harry
    i choose to call you sonny because you have a tummy
    my fathers not a fairy you're the one who was a fairy
    you're nose is always runny
    you look like bugs bunny
    all your raps are old ancient as a mummy
    your house is so scummy
    your clothes are so bummy
    but now with your hit record all i want is your money
    educated rapper you aint nothing but a dummy
    you try to be chummy or you plays gin rummy
    i bet makin love to you...
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