Culture Club - Time (Clock of the Heart)
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  • Don't put your head on my shoulder
    Sink me in a river of tears
    This could be the best place yet
    But you must overcome your fears
    Chorus 1:
    In time it could have been so much more
    The time is precious I know
    In time it could have been so much more
    The time has nothing to show
    Chorus 2:
    Because time won't give me time
    And time makes lovers feel
    Like they've got something real
    But you and me we know
    They've got nothing but time
    And time won't give me time
    Won't give me time
    Don't make me feel any colder
    Time is like a clock in my heart
    Touch we touch was the heat too much
    I felt I lost you from the start
    (chorus 1)
    (chorus 2)
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