Bad Brains - Banned in DC (1982)
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  • Banned in D.C. with a thousand more places to go.
    Gonna swim across the Atlantic, cause that's the only place I can go.

    You, you can't hurt me, me I'm banned in D.C. D.C.

    We, we got ourselves, gonna sing it, gonna love it, gonna work it out to any length.
    Don't worry, no worry, about what people say.
    We got ourselves, we gonna make it anyway.

    You, you can't hurt me, why I'm banned in D.C. D.C. D.C.

    And if you ban us from your clubs, it's the right time, with the right mind.
    And if you think we really care, then you won't find in my mind.
    Noooo! You can't afford, to close your doors, so soon no more.

    My oh my i lay you down upon the ground so soon no more.
    Nooo you can't afford to close your doors so soon no more.

    My oh my i let you down upon the grounddddddd

    Bad Brains, Banned in DC @ CBGB's 1982
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