The Commodores - Still (1980)
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    The Commodores
    (Lionel Richie)

    Lady, Morning's just a moment away
    And I'm without you once again
    You laughed at me
    You said you didn't needed me
    I wonder if you need me now


    So many dreams that flew away
    So many words we didn't say
    Two people lost in a storm
    Where did we go?
    Where'd we go?

    We lost what we both had found
    You know we let each other down
    But then most of all
    I Do Love You

    (Same as chorus)

    We played the games that people play
    We made our mistakes along the way
    Somehow I know deep in my heart
    You needed me
    'Cause I needed you so desperatly!
    We were too blind to see
    But then most of all
    I Do Love You
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