Run-D.M.C. - You're Blind
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  • [Run-D.M.C.]
    Teneme nt buildings, and skyscrapers

    Are polluted and often invaded
    with troubled hearts, and weakened minds
    Living their lives and hoping to find
    the golden key, to prosperity
    Never have a grip on reality
    This makes day to day living hard
    Trumpin your fate, never peepin the card
    You just goin through life without a trace
    when the answers you seek are in front of your face

    [both] You're blind! [2X]
    [Run] Tell 'em D!

    You' re headed for the top, or so you think
    But that's not true for you, your life is on the brink
    of self-destruction, total corruption
    You better get out or die from consumption
    Sweat for a dollar, to get nothin back
    Cause at the end of the week, you still get taxed
    You'd even sell your soul to make your life correct
    But with the rate of inflation you should eat your check
    So you try to make a hustle, to get ahead
    But the only thing you manage is to stay in the red
    Coppin from John, to sell to Rex
    And your jones for success has put your life in check

    [both] You're blind! [2X]
    [Run] And you can't see
    [DMC] You need to wear some glasses
    [Run] like D.M.C.
    [both] You're blind!

    So you think the facts means you can't win
    So you devote your time to a life of sin

    Han gin out late is how you survive
    Makin deals, talkin jive, and tellin lies
    Pressure beatin you down
    [Run] Like you're not handlin
    And all the while, your mind is ramblin
    [Run] About bein fly
    Or even sly
    [both] And bein held low in the public eye
    You decide these things but you don't know why
    [both] You're standin on a corner cold playin the post
    Cause another sucker you were chillin the most

    [both] You're blind! [2X]
    [Run] Yo you can't see
    [DMC] You need to wear some glasses
    [Run] like D.M.C.
    [both] You're blind! [2X]

    Yo u (Run) round talkin bout what you hate
    Livin your life just to perpetrate
    You think your style is chill, because you're always cold
    with your platform shoes and your fake gold
    [Run] So you...
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