Howard Jones - You Know I Love You... Don't You?
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  • You got the socket and I got the plug
    I am the floor and you are the rug
    I got the rhythm you got the beat
    We feel it shake us from our souls to our feet

    And you know I Love you
    You know I Love you...don't you

    You got the metal and I got the die
    We make a structure that no one can deny
    I need you and you need me
    I need your honey like a flower needs a bee

    You know I Love you
    You know I Love you...don't you

    No one is an island on that you can depend
    A person on his own is a sinking ship
    It will be that way til the time will end

    Now don't you worry when things get tough
    We'll stick together through the smooth and the rough
    Your the steam engine and I am the tracks
    Roll over me I'll be rolling right back 'cos
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