Rolling Stones - Hang Fire (1981)
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  • In the sweet old country where I come from
    Nobody ever works
    Yeah nothing gets done
    We hang fire, we hang fire

    You know marrying money is a full time job
    I don't need the aggravation
    I'm a lazy slob
    I hang fire, I hang fire
    Hang fire, put it on the wire

    We've got nothing to eat
    We got nowhere to work
    Nothing to drink
    We just lost our shirts
    I'm on the dole
    We ain't for hire
    Say what the hell
    Say what the hell, hang fire
    Hang fire, hang fire, put it on the wire
    Doo doo doo

    here's ten thousand dollars go have some fun
    Put it all on at a hundred to one
    Hang fire, hang fire, put it on the wire

    Live in Hampton, 1981.
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