Michael Jackson - P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) (1982)
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  • Where did you come from lady
    and ooh won't you take me there
    right away won't you baby
    tenderoni you've got to be
    spark my nature
    sugar fly with me
    don't you know
    now is the perfect time
    we can make it right
    hit the city lights
    then tonight ease the lovin pain
    let me take you to the max
    I wanna love you ( P.Y.T.)
    pretty young thing
    you need some lovin (T.L.C)
    and I'll take you there
    I wanna love you ) (P.Y.T.)
    Pretty young thing
    You need some lovin' ((T.L.C.)
    Tender lovin' care
    I'll take you there
    -background group-
    anywhere you wanna go
    -2nd verse-
    nothin can stop this burnin'
    desire to be with you
    gotta get to you baby
    won't you come,it's emergency
    cool my fire yearnin'
    honey, come set me free

    Don't you know now is the perfect time
    we can dim the lights
    just to make it right in the night
    hit the lovin' spot
    I'll give you all I've got
    -brea kdown-
    Pretty young things
    repeat after me
    (Michael) I said na na na
    (PYT's)na na na
    (Michael) I said na na na na
    (PYT's) na na na na
    -- 2 times --
    (Michael) I wanna take you there
    (repeat chorus/fade out
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