Regina Belle - This Is Love (1989)
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  • I’ve seen your face before
    Somewhere, somehow, I know
    Of that I’m sure
    You turned and smiled at me
    And started something I, never thought would be
    I wish that you and I could meet again, someday
    I’ve never felt this way for anyone else
    No Baby

    Th is is love
    This is love
    Ooo I think I’m falling for you
    This is love
    Only love
    Nobody makes me feel like you do
    No one but you

    I know that it takes time
    For love to grow this far
    But still I’ll wait
    You’re all I’m thinking of
    All of dreaming of
    I need you so much
    I pray that heaven will guide us so that we can be together again
    Till the end of time
    Just you and I
    You loving me and me loving you


    I ’ve been a lot of places that I never knew
    But none compare with you
    And more of you, you will never know
    This time baby, there’s no letting go, yeah

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