Regina Belle - After the Love Has Lost Its Shine (1987)
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  • OOOh oooo......

    I will endure...... all the tide,
    Hold together, in the worst conditions
    For at birth, we knew it to be one of a kind

    mmm mmm

    And as it grew, into, this lovers legend
    We both made sure, this piece of heaven
    Would withstand any test, for its strength, was made of love, faith and trust........

    CHO RUS:
    And until all the glitter's gone
    We'll be adding on, to make it even stronger
    True love will never die, long after the love has lost its shine

    After its all tired and worn and the newness all wears off
    We'll still be lovers

    Several time a weakspot, will appear in this affair,
    We remended it back together, with tender loving care
    A promise to each other, that's last out through the years
    It's as solid as the first time, cause its still loving well.......

    (CHOR US Here)

    Woooooooo ...ooooh

    Oh yeah......

    Nah... ...... no no no no nah no


    (CHO RUS Here)

    Its all tired and worn and the newness all wears off
    We'll still be lovers,
    Long after the love has lost its shine.
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