Troop - I Will Always Love You
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  • Day and Night
    You're on my mind
    And every waking moment
    I try
    To figure out a pathway back to you...
    Br eak me down in little pieces
    Show me all the things you need
    and I Will make you special wish come true..(yeah)

    Hook :
    When things go wrong
    you need someone
    to help you see them through..

    (I Will Always) I Will Always Love You
    when you need someone to stand beside you..
    I'll hold you (hold you lady)
    With this ring
    I pledge..
    I Will be the best ( i will be the very best)
    I Will Always...

    verse II

    Our love
    Will stand the test of time..
    And in you ..I'll find the reason
    to keep trying..
    Baby, let me touch you
    I'm giving you a taste of heaven
    Let me show you
    I'm gonna love you 247
    Cause, i Love You......(love)
    Alw ays..

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Verse III
    Take My body for you pleasure
    This will be the night
    I treasure..
    Forever as my memory...of you..
    So, close your eyes and make three wishes
    Take my hand and realize
    This time I'll be the very best for you...

    Whe n things go wrong
    You need someone
    To help you see
    them through...
    I Willl always
    Love You....

    (repeat chorus)
    (ad-lib till fade)
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